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Wild Mushroom Miso Gravy


Miso Marvellous Miso, a traditional unami Japanese seasoning that most commonly consists of fermented soybeans, when translated means “fermented beans.” During processing, soy beans tend to start out as the star ingredient and later during fermentation the addition of grains and/or seeds like barley, buckwheat, rice or hemp, is common. The amount or combination of these added ingredients is completely dependent on the processor’s end […]

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The Best Veggie Shepherd’s Pie with Herbed Mushroom Gravy

Shepherds-pie-pic 1

The members at Gilda’s Club Toronto ate this comfort food classic up in no time flat last night! Quinoa, brown lentils and mushrooms make up the base of this tasty recipe. It’s then topped off by crunchy, sweet green peas and smooth as silk garlic mashed potatoes. This is something you can serve to your curmudgeon of a relative who hates that “healthy crap.”

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