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Ginger Maple Baked Aduki Beans


Food of the Month : Maplelous! What is more Canadian than maple syrup? A thick Quebecois accent, eager beavers, veggie poutine and Canadian Club whisky may all give it a run for its loonies but maple syrup is recognized globally as liquid Canadian candy. Fact. The Process The province of Quebec alone is responsible for ¾ of the world’s maple syrup sales. The best part? […]

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Banana Ginger Flapjacks with a Gooseberry Compote


What the hey is a gooseberry? It is none other than a tart, tangy type of fruit that luckily for us, inhabits our great province. It is often bitter in taste and has a grape-like size, flavour, and texture, with only a slightly more fibrous mouthfeel. In terms of taste, some say it’s what you would get if a grape met a kiwi and well, […]

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