Wild Mushroom Miso Gravy


Miso Marvellous Miso, a traditional unami Japanese seasoning that most commonly consists of fermented soybeans, when translated means “fermented beans.” During processing, soy beans tend to start out as the star ingredient and later during fermentation the addition of grains and/or seeds like barley, buckwheat, rice or hemp, is common. The amount or combination of these added ingredients is completely dependent on the processor’s end […]

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Ginger Maple Baked Aduki Beans


Food of the Month : Maplelous! What is more Canadian than maple syrup? A thick Quebecois accent, eager beavers, veggie poutine and Canadian Club whisky may all give it a run for its loonies but maple syrup is recognized globally as liquid Canadian candy. Fact. The Process The province of Quebec alone is responsible for ¾ of the world’s maple syrup sales. The best part? […]

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Cream of Kale Soup


HOLY KALE! Kale, or borecole, is a cousin of the wild cabbage family, a buddy to your taste buds and mother approved as part of a well balanced diet. To put it plainly, unless you have been avoiding all forms of nutrition news over the past decade, you know that Kale is the new “apple a day” and with so many good reasons why. For […]

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Homemade Spelt Bread


What the Spelt?! For those agricultural scientists at home, spelt is classified as a Triticum Spelta species and comes from the Poaceae family. In layman’s terms, spelt is a cereal grain from the grass family. It is a delicious and healthy alternative to more widely used grains or flours. Recognizable by its nutty taste, while the exact origin of this lesser known grain is unknown, […]

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Banana Ginger Flapjacks with a Gooseberry Compote


What the hey is a gooseberry? It is none other than a tart, tangy type of fruit that luckily for us, inhabits our great province. It is often bitter in taste and has a grape-like size, flavour, and texture, with only a slightly more fibrous mouthfeel. In terms of taste, some say it’s what you would get if a grape met a kiwi and well, […]

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