My Favourite Fall Recipes!

My Favourite Fall Recipes!

Fall is a wonderful and magical time of year when the air is crisp, the harvest is ripe and all the vibrant colours of autumn appear.  It’s also a time for feasting!  Whatever you may celebrate this season check out my favourite fall recipes for some ideas on how to feast for good health without sacrificing favour.

IMG_7398[1]IMG_7399[1]Pumpkin browniesRaw Pad Thai picBeans2


Creamy Corn Chowder

Cream of Kale

Roasted Pear and Parsnip



Apple and Fennel Salad with an Orange Ginger Vinaigrette

Dilled Potato and Leek Salad

Raw Pad Thai 



Curry Tofu Tacos with Brussel Sprout Slaw

Eggplant Moussaka with Greek Potatoes

The Best Veggie Shepherd’s Pie with Herbed Mushroom Gravy



Ginger Maple Baked Aduki Beans

Homemade Spelt Bread

Mushroom Millet Pilaf

Wild Mushroom Miso Gravy



Pumpkin Brownies

Spiced Dark Chocolate, Walnut and Maple Caramel Pears




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